Secure, fast and real-time identity verification for your business

Otem is a secure and fast digital identity verification solution for your business. Otem enables the complete identity verification of staff and clients remotely and reliably, saving the time and resources spent on verification.

Remote onboarding

A better way to onboard your customers

Otem is an easy to use verification and onboarding solution for the modern day. We specialise in reducing the costs of onboarding.

Biometric Identity verification

Remotely verify individuals quickly and securely using state of the art machine learning algorithms and cross data matching without any manual intervention.

No hidden fees

There are no hidden fees with our solution. If you don’t use, you don’t pay. Otem is designed with everyone in mind, small and large organisations.

Super fast onboarding

Gone are the days of sending emails back and forth, requesting missing data and waiting for responses. Otem’s onboarding solutions are you to run multiple onboarding applications in paralell without the additional work.

Real time Notifications

Real time updates and status checks allow you to always stay one step ahead. We’ll do all the nudging to make sure people complete their application and you’ll get real time updates on things as and when they happen.

Trusted by teams

Teams can now focus on things that really matter, being awesome!

Up time
Documents supported


Everything you need to onboard your customers

Dashboard overview

Our dashboard allows you to see how where all your onboarding requests are in one single view.

Custom processes

We know all businesses have different onboarding requirements, that is why we have the abilty to create custom processes tailored to your onboarding needs.

No code required

With Otem, there are no coding requirements - everything just works out the box. Simply click and create your custom flow.


Everyone in the team can get involved in the onboarding processes. We don’t charge for additional accounts, only pay for what you use.
  • Unlimited onboarding
  • Pay per verification
  • GDPR Compliant
  • 24/7 support
  • No code required
  • Cancel anytime
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